Another perspective

There is another way of looking at the quadrant diagram I have drawn: that is to view it in cross section. It then looks like this:


This is the cross section of this diagram, which has no one plotted on it, as described in this blog:


Absolute poverty (A) or deprivation is at bottom of the U shaped diagram. It is broad because the scope for deprivation is large. It is however shallow. Once in this situation you cannot go down much further. Put simply, death might be the alternative.

Above absolute poverty there is relative poverty. This is little broader than the area of deprivation, but the depth is considerably greater. The reason is simple. Here the return on relatively small additions in achievement yields considerable rewards for the person who enjoys them.

Above both there is an area of relative abundance, where we have sufficient. In terms of area it is broad. In depth it is no more than that for poverty. In this area the return in well being for additional achievement diminishes. It does not disappear though. Even when the limit to potential is reached, as shown by two vertical lines on the diagram, there remains a return to be made from additional effort. This is not surprising. Those whose enquiring minds have driven them to the limits of current knowledge will still want to know more. But to achieve that might just not be possible. This is the reality that the diagram represents.


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